It is a privileged space for the palate of visitors of all ages that is located at the entrance of the museum. This space used to be the booth where the nuns – an iron fence in between- received their visitors.

At present the Candy Shop offers to the visitors:

  • Cakes and desserts made daily by the nuns with ancient recipes such as: wrapped apples, cigarettes (cake Mil Hojas filled with lacayote filling), chicharrones (cake Mil Hojas with manjar blanco) among others.
  • Exclusive roses and parsley soap handcrafted and with recognized skin cleansing properties.
  • Apple cider vinegar, 100% natural, a versatile natural remedy with various healing properties.
  • Scapulars, honey from bees, pollen and souvenirs from the visit to the museum, are available for the visitors.


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